About iZooto | Our Story So Far

iZooto, Datability's first product was rolled out publicly in Feb 2016. The fundamental difference between how a mobile application and a website works with users is in the level of interaction and personalisation that a mobile application offers. With iZooto, we are empowering websites to interact with users offering highest level of personalization, the platform takes a holistic approach taking user behaviour, patterns, affinity to different segments into consideration while interacting with users. iZooto is supported by our in-house data management platform, which acts as a rich data source, helping customers make informed choices for interaction. Send intelligent notifications to your users and create delightful experience. Trusted by leading brands, startups, media agencies, iZooto continues to help marketers, developers, product managers to engage more efficiently with users.

Datability Solutions is based out of Delhi, India.