Chrome Push Notification

Send personalized notifications to all your chrome web users

Building Subscriber Base With Chrome Push Notification

You can start building your notification subscriber base by adding the iZooto tag on your website. Users visiting your website on chrome, will be prompted for subscribing to your notifications. They can simply click on 'Allow' to get subscribed.
iZooto Chrome Push Notification Subscription Prompt
Chrome Push Notification Preview

Sending Chrome Push Notification

Once the user has given a consent, you can start pushing notifications.

It is not necessary for the user to be on your website to receive the notifications. The subscriber will receive the notification once he opens the chrome browser.

CTA Buttons and Emojis

With iZooto, send web push notifications with distinct Call To Action Buttons and boost your response rates by 4x.

Chrome 48 onwards provides support for two CTAs.It also allows you to relevant emojis with your notifications to make it more personalized.
iZooto Chrome Push Notification Emoji Support
Rich Notification for Enhanced User Experience

Rich Notification and Enhanced User Experience

Track notifications effectively

Experience Track and control every Notification effectively

Native Language Support

Native Language Support for notifications

Schedule Notifications and Engage better

Schedule Notifications and Engage Better